Thursday March 28, 2019

Romans 12:13 Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.

Today was a difficult day. We got a phone call from my mom early this morning to let us know that my grandmother passed away yesterday. While I knew this was a possibility it is still very difficult to be so far from family when things like this happen. My grandmother was a wonderful person and always made me laugh. She was strong, funny, caring, and giving (just to name a few), and as I read this verse I feel very close to her because this is who she was. She cared for everyone the best she could and would do anything for you. She always made you feel welcome and for me, she was always there to encourage me and to pray for me. She will be very missed, not just by me and my family, but by all those who had the blessing of knowing her.

I was trying to get myself motivated this morning for the hospital shift, but it was just not happening. Jeff gently mentioned that spending the day as a family would be good for all of us. Thankfully we had another volunteer helping Calah this morning, so when I called she assured me that they would be fine without me. We all showered up and went for a walk through Brasov, up to the cable car and then took a short hike to the Brasov sign overlooking the city. It was so peaceful up on top of the hill, above the noise of the city and among God’s creation. The kids wanted to walk to the summit, but I decided to stay back and enjoy some time with God. I found a nice rock where I was able to have a wonderful conversation with God, thanking Him for the time I had with my grandmother. I know she is enjoying heaven and happy to be reunited again with her loved ones who went before her.

Here are some pictures of our day today:

From the top of Tampa Mountain

Lucia took a great picture of Jeff from the summit of Tampa Mountain.

Jeff and I were talking during our walk about how many things we have up in the air right now. It is like we just took our lives, threw up a bunch of possibilities for the future and now we are waiting to see how everything falls. While I was sitting atop Tampa Mountain I asked God for just a little glimpse into our future, just for one of our items to come back down where it belongs. I have written about patience and how difficult it is for me to wait for God’s timing, and I guess with everything going on I just needed a little something, the dust from just one of our many possibilities to settle. As I watched my family walk back down from the summit I was so grateful that Jeff suggested this. I really needed to be with my family today.

We walked through town and found a quiet little restaurant for lunch and I was a bit shocked that God came through so quickly with an answer to my prayer. The answer doesn’t matter as much as God’s quick response to what I needed. He is always there for me when I need Him and is even there when I don’t. He is the perfect example of what it means to care for others and take care of those we love. I felt His love and comfort today when I needed it the most and for that I am very thankful.

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