Sunday March 10, 2019

Isaiah 41:13 For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Do not fear, I will help you.”

Today we attended church here in Brasov. We found this church on the suggestion of Steffi, one of the co-founders of FFR and she assured us that the service was done in both English and Romanian. A funny side note was that according to Steffi I had a twin living right here in Brasov who was from New Zealand that also attended the church with her husband and three kids. I was overwhelmed by the welcome we received at the church. Catherine (my twin) spotted me right as we were walking up the stairs. The service was wonderful and I loved the lesson in the sermon, which was to listen for God’s plan for us, because God’s plan is always perfect. If we choose to follow our own plans, it will eventually come to a head and will never be as rewarding or as fruitful as when we follow His.

The reading for today speaks to that as well. I think God is speaking to me in very clear ways through the sermon today at church and through this scripture (and honestly through the last few scripture readings). I have really struggled with letting go of planning my future after this year in done. I keep going back to this idea that we have 5 months left and I keep stressing over what’s next, what will we do, where will I work, where will Jeff work, where will we live, etc. All these questions that I am trying to answer and I am failing; I don’t have the answer. I don’t know what I want to do or where I want to work or where we will be. Then these scripture readings and lessons keep coming up…listen for God’s path, God’s plans are better than yours, God will provide for you, God will never leave you, God will help you, etc. the list goes on! I am pretty sure that God knows that I need this constant reminder because He keep trying to pound it into my head. I am trying to surrender to this notion, but I tell you it is not easy.

So today our family had a wonderful Sunday afternoon and evening. We enjoyed just being together, the kids enjoyed playing with their new friends, and we all just enjoyed the Sabbath.

I am forever grateful for God’s patience with me as I try really hard to trust in His ways and His path and His plan and His timing (I think this one is the hardest because I want the answer and the plan NOW!). In my heart I know He will provide and that if we can be patient enough to listen and follow His plan, He will have more blessings for us that we could ever imagine!


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