Wednesday February 6, 2019

Proverbs 13:10 By insolence the heedless make strife, but wisdom is with those who take advice.

It is so funny to me that now that we are here in Perth and the kids each have their own room, they are now asking for sleepovers. (This was the reason they didn’t get to bed on time and why we went ahead and cancelled going to Swan Valley today.) They have had sleepovers for the last 6 months and I thought for sure they would be so thrilled to have their own space, but I was wrong and this led to arguments lasting way too late into the night. They all woke up very tired today, which confirmed our decision to abort Swan Valley. What was even worse was that the younger two were having some serious behavior issues, my guess is because they were pretty tired. Lucia came around, but David never did. So the girls and I ended up going to the beach to play for about an hour while Jeff and David stayed back at the house. The girls and I found a beautiful and quiet beach only a 4 minute drive from our home. We were so excited, though we were all sad that the boys were not with us.

Jeff took this picture while he was on his run and the view is just stunning….

This scripture passage is so fitting. We fought with David and Lucia so much because they would not listen to Jeff and I last night about going to bed early so that we can actually do excursions and have fun during our time here. We tried explaining to them last night that if they want to do all of the stuff they listed, they need to go to bed on time so they are not tired the next morning. Most of these excursions require us to get moving early in the morning, which the kids won’t be able to do if they continue to go to bed late. I really wish they had listened, but maybe this will be a good lesson for them. But if we end up just spending all our time at the beach, that works for me too!


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