Saturday January 12, 2019

Mark 9:23 Jesus said to him, “If you are able!–All things can be done for the one who believes”.

Today Jeff and the kids went out to the building site of the new staff housing project to help by move dirt and I spent my morning in the Strong House working on an organizational project. While I was not with the kids, Jeff said they worked very hard and that just filled my heart with joy. I love hearing that my children are lending a helping hand around the mission, especially since on Saturday’s the kids here are all in school.

The highlight of the day on the mission is that Dylan got a new catfish that he plans on eating once it dies : ) I can’t help but laugh at the thought process.

This afternoon while Jeff and the kids moved more dirt, I was charged with having the small boys clean up garbage around the mission. I figured that getting the boys to do a good job would require them to “buy into” the project, so I created two teams of 6-7 and we had a race/competition to see which team could collect the most garbage. After a bit of advice from a few staff members I ended up setting a few ground rules (we set boundaries and agreed that they could not go to the garbage pits to fill their bags). The boys were so excited and they cleaned up the whole front part of the mission in about 15 minutes. The boys seemed to have a ton of fun and they did a great job!

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