Saturday December 29, 2018

Exodus 33:14 And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

I think everyone was really tired from all of the activities yesterday. I did some laundry while Jeff helped the girls do the breakfast and lunch dishes, then this afternoon Jeff and I took a nap and rested. I guess we really took to the rest part of the scripture to heart. We have only picture from today and I think it describes just how we all were feeling. This is how we found Lucia when we came back from dinner at 8:00 tonight; we couldn’t resist a photo to capture this moment. We all need days of rest and though we do observe the Sabbath on Sundays, I think after a long day of travel yesterday, we all just needed that rest; for sure Lucia did!

Lucia was out cold. She didn’t even budge when we took the photo using the flash!

During the day today, Jeff and I agreed that we would reach out to the various organizations we were trying to work with for the last portion of our journey (Romania and Kenya), from March to June to see about switching our time. After we got the email yesterday from the organization in Romania that it would be more helpful to them if we came in March and April, we decided that it was God’s hand in this. We have really struggled to find things to make all of this work. But today, I sent out the emails to Romania to let them know that we will be there from March to April and they were thrilled to have us come during that time and for 2 months. Furthermore, when I called the school in Kenya, we were told that May and June were a much better time for them and that we would not have to worry about any school breaks. We also connected with Rick’s friends in Kenya and we will be able worship with them on Sundays and possibly help out with their church mission on the weekends. I have been working on figuring all of this out for the last 2 months and I am so glad that we were patient and didn’t try to rush or push any decisions. God had his own plan for us and that is that we will now serve in Romania March and April and then Kenya May and June. I just can’t believe that I worked on this for a month, but once God put His hands in the mix, it took a day!

So we did spend some time today looking at flight paths and trying to figure what the least expensive way is to get from Sri Lanka to Romania, from Romania to Kenya, and then Kenya back to Europe (we are planning on doing our final holiday through Europe and ending up with a great friend in Sweden). I am just amazed at His power, we just need to sit back and let him take the lead in this journey. He will continue to show us where to go and where He needs us, we just have to listen, be patient, and then be willing to follow.

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