Sunday December 23, 2018

Proverbs 14:29 Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly.

Christmas is almost here and there is so much excitement and activity happening on the mission. We had a short worship service this morning followed by a video call with Gramma and Papa Hayes. It was so nice to see family today. However, despite the fact that Christmas Eve is tomorrow, today was still the Sabbath and therefore a day of rest. I spent the afternoon blogging and then sitting in front of the fireplace in the Strong House visiting with some of our new friends.

Our peaceful afternoon was very quickly interrupted with girls running into the Strong House screaming that there was a snake in their bathroom. This got Uncle Rick (and many other onlookers, including me) up and running. The funny part about this story is that the older girls have been saying for a couple weeks now that there was a snake in their toilet, but there was nothing that could be done besides dumping buckets of water into them with the hope of flushing it into the pipes. But now it was out of the toilet and hanging out in their bathroom. Between Uncle Rick and Clifton, they were quick to subdue and remove the snake from the bathroom and return it back to its home in the jungle and river, but not before a few pictures to capture the moment! I think the girls are pretty happy to have this guy out of their bathroom!

(This guy was not a dangerous snake, just a harmless water snake. I can assure you this snake was nicely returned to his home and was not harmed and probably very happy to be out of the girls bathroom.)

Now this excitement is quite hard to top, but helping the small girls (ages 12-16) decorate the outside of the hostel with lights was a close second. Now this sounds like it should be fairly easy, but we had to cut a lock and re-wire a few strands of lights in order to make this happen; it was all quite exciting. But all of the effort was definitely worth seeing the happy faces of these beautiful girls.

It was a beautiful night and I am so excited to celebrate the birth of Christ with all of these children and new friends. Merry Christmas Eve Eve from Banbasa, India.


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