Saturday December 22, 2018

2 Timothy 1:7 …for God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self-control.

Happy Birthday to my grandmother today! This is a very hard part of this trip, being away from family for these special events. Today my grandmother turns 90 and there was a large party to celebrate her; times like this make it difficult to be away from our family. But I did get to talk with her on the phone, which was a wonderful gift for me. She said that she had a wonderful time and commented on what a blessing it was to see so many people that she hasn’t seen in many years.

After breakfast this morning we walked over to the school to watch the amazing Christmas Pageant the kids (and Jeff and Lachlan) have been working so hard on over the last few weeks. They did a nativity play with music from their choir to compliment the dramatic performances. After the nativity was done several groups of kids got up to perform various traditional Indian dancing routines. This was such a beautiful event and was so moving to watch all these kids giving their full efforts to make this event so wonderful.

Here are pictures of the nativity play.

Here are pictures of some of the dance routines.

Here are other pictures of the morning.

This evening Anjali was asked to play her flute in one of the Christmas services, so she spent some of the evening practicing with several kids crowed around her. I think she is nervous and I am so proud of her willingness to give this a try. She has never performed in front of anyone before and she is really stepping out of her comfort zone with this. After some discussion it was decided that she will play accompaniment on Monday evening during the Christmas Eve service.

After dinner tonight, David and Jeff joined Clifton and Lachlan out in the mango orchards for a campout with all of the boys from the nursery and small boys hostels for a total of 18 boys and 3 adults. They pitched tents, played games, and laugh and talk around a giant campfire. They had a lot of fun outside while the girls and I had a sleepover, after Anjali and I watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (Anjali’s first time watching it and she loved it).

The boys gathering wood for their campfire!


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