Thursday December 6, 2018

James 5:16 Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

I started wrapping gifts for the boys on the mission today. We started by organizing and separating the gifts we purchased in Bareilly. The kids all have 2 wrapped presents on Christmas, one in the morning in their hostel and then one with the whole mission as a family in the afternoon. So I spent the majority of my day today wrapping gifts with another volunteer here in a small storage room. Jeff is working with our kids on their schoolwork and they are doing pretty good. I will say that homeschooling really requires a lot of flexibility and patience.

After lunch we went into town with Aunty Peggy to get some of our Christmas shopping done. She is so sweet and walks us all over the market to get what we need and we are so grateful for her patience with us. When we got back to the mission we found Lucia in the kitchen with the older girls making “chipatis”, which is basically a tortilla without the lard, and then after dinner she helped them wash the dishes. It is wonderful to see her so engaged in life here on The Farm.

I’d love to say that my other too are getting their hands dirty with chores on The Farm, but they aren’t. What they are doing though is engaging with the kids and making friends, which is also a wonderful thing.

When I was in Bareilly on Tuesday I was able to find a small Christmas tree, along with lights, garland, and some ornaments. This was the result of my purchase. It may not be the kind of Christmas decor we are used to, but I am truly joyous that I am have this tiny little Christmas tree. It reminds me of home and of how much I love decorating our home, and yet, even here in rural India, I am still able to decorate our small apartment for Christmas! This time of year is a reminder of how difficult it is to be away from our family and friends, but we are taking solace in the wonderful family that has adopted us here on the mission. I feel very loved and am looking forward to celebrating this season with these wonderful adults and children.

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