Wednesday December 5, 2018

Proverbs 12:20 Deceit is in the mind of those who plan evil, but those who counsel peace have joy.

Oh what a day today was. I am sure you have had those days where you just can’t catch a break and you are faced with two choices: 1) get down on yourself and a bit depressed because you feel like the whole world is against you, or 2) laugh, and laugh hard! I chose the latter and I am so glad I did because I might have been in bed by 3:00 today otherwise. I will just say that this blog post is my gift to you today…a good laugh–enjoy it! And please don’t feel bad about laughing at my misfortunes and I swear to you, this all happened just as I will lay it out for you. I don’t think I could make something like this up! Have fun : )

I was tasked with decorating a bench for a wedding here at the mission this afternoon. The older girls started it the night before and I was to finish it with various greenery from around the mission campus. I decided to go hunting for pretty leaves and branches and saw some that would look great. I went to step over what looked like mud (but I quickly learned that it wasn’t) onto a walkway that wasn’t actually there and down I went. I wish I had a video or even a picture to capture this awful, but really funny, moment…my entire lower body was covered and caked in waste of various kinds (cow, food, etc) (go ahead, laugh, and laugh hard…I did and so did Jeff!). So I crawled myself out of this stuff, which was headed out to fertilize the crops, and walked up to the apartment to clean up (thankfully Jeff was there to help shield me with a towel as I disrobed on the stairs and carried my clothes and shoes into the shower with me.

I can’t even begin to describe the smell that permeated the bathroom and the entire apartment, so I will let your imagination do the work. I proceeded to rinse my clothes and hope that they were not ruined (they weren’t) and then wash them, over and over and over and over again. I think I washed them for about 30-45 minutes before the water started appearing less black, then I let the clothes and shoes soak in the soapy water for a while.

Now it was time for me to shower, which should be the easiest part of this whole debacle, but it wasn’t. Life on the Farm has it’s challenges. Now I really can’t be certain why, but as I turned on the shower there was no water pressure at all, the water was actually dripping from the shower head and, to top it all off, there was no hot water. I was covered in smelly, nasty sewer waste and all I had to work with is freezing cold water that I could only access from a spigot in the shower. Jeff came in to see if I needed any help and we both just started laughing, really hard. I mean what else is there to do? So I reached for two small buckets that I proceeded to fill with freezing cold water and then dump them over me, again and again. Then shower and rinse. This took forever and was probably one of the most unpleasant showers of my life, but I got clean and no longer smelled of sewer waste.

After cleaning myself up and washing my clothes one more time through and leaving them to soak, again, I realized that my ankle was not feeling great and that I must have twisted it during my fall. So here is a recap…while trying to decorate a wedding bench I fell into sewer waste and then had to wash myself by pouring freezer cold water over my body with small buckets, only to notice that I twisted my ankle. But there is no rest for the weary, that bench needed to be finished. So I went back to work finding leaves, but this time I just avoided that whole area; I learned my lesson. I finished the bench with some help with some wonderful ladies here and it turned out really pretty. We received an invitation to the wedding, and our family got to experience an Indian Christian wedding. It was a lot of fun and was the highlight of my day.

One would think this would have been enough for one day, but it wasn’t. Thankfully the final thing wasn’t that bad. As I was laying in bed at the end of the day writing my blog I accidentally hit delete right as I as about to publish it. This normally would not have been a big issue, except I had forgotten to save it as a draft and I lost the entire blog that I wrote. After trying to recover the lost blog to no avail, I just sighed and closed my tablet, resigned to the fact that I just needed to rest. So I curled up to my husband, who again was laughing with me (or maybe at me) to watch something on Netflix before falling asleep.

This was quite a day. I truly felt beat down and could see how very easily it would have been to just cower in my room and wait for the day to end, but I didn’t. I managed, with the help of my husband and my own sense of humor, to find joy (laughter is synonymous with joy for today) in all of it and I will tell you that it was much easier to get through the rest of the day. Even on a day like today, there is no question in my heart and mind that we are where we are supposed to be. I am meant to be here (though I think I could have done without the fall in sewer waste) and I have never felt more alive. I knew there were going to be challenging days, actually we have already had our fair share, I just didn’t know they would like this! But if you can find the humor in these moments they pass much quicker and they make for fun stories and memories.

My reflection for today, find joy in everything and you will find peace. I know this is backwards from the scripture, but it is going to have to work for today…this is the best I can do : )


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