Monday December 3, 2018

Romans 8:28 We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

Today marked our first day back to reality. We have found that with all of the traveling, schoolwork is next to impossible when we change stations. Everyone is tired and the kids are not mentally prepared to learn, and we are not up for teaching. But we are back to the same old routine today and it seems to be working out nicely. We get up for breakfast and when the mission kids go to school at 8:00, so do our kids. We are still trying to figure out the best place to do the school work, but that just comes with trial and error. Jeff and I decided that while the mission kids are in school, ours our too, unless there is work to be done on the mission that we need all hands on deck. The kids are done at 2:30 when the mission kids get home from school and then are free until tutoring time from 4:30-5:30 when they can finish any remaining work.

Today while Jeff managed the kids’ schoolwork and teaching I began the task of wrapping Christmas presents for the kids. Katie is in charge of organizing all of the gifts and then myself and another staff member wrapped them. We were able to get all of the nursery kids’ gifts wrapped and ready to go, as well as make a list of gifts still needed for the boys on the mission. Tomorrow I will join Katie and Anish to Bareilly for a Christmas shopping adventure. I am not sure what to expect. I have been told that Bareilly is really big city about 2-3 hours away. I am going with them to be an extra hand with their baby and to get as much Christmas shopping done as I can for our kids. Gifts ready to be sorted and then wrapped!

Jeff and I have made a list of gifts we would like to get for our kids, but we are very limited in what we have access to. Amazon.In does not have quite the selection as back in the states nor do all sellers deliver to us here in Banbasa. We will do the best we can and I am sure that our kids, just like the kids on the mission will have a wonderful Christmas.

I am loving the atmosphere here at the mission. This is one big family who support and love each other unconditionally. This place is full of real people with sins, blessings, faults, and gifts, and God knows all of them. What I find so beautiful here is how all these things, the positive and the negative, are used to make this place what it is; a place of acceptance and love. It is like a sanctuary amongst the chaos. Listening to the wonderful sounds of kids playing and crying, and then knowing that right outside these gates is India. India has trash on the streets and in the canals, cars zooming by as they zig-zag around and through traffic, horns honking, etc. It is loud and crazy outside, but here is peaceful. It is a wonderful community of people dedicated to support and care for those pushed aside by their family’s and the community. God is truly at work here and while it is not perfect (no place is), they are constantly striving to make the best of what they have so they can be the best family for these children. God is using everyone to make this place work.

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