Wednesday November 28, 2018

Jeremiah 29:11 For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.

I sure wish I had read this passage this morning, but then again, if I had, it might not be as powerful now. I will get to this later.

Our day started at 12:45 am when we had to wake up the children to get ready for the ridiculous flight at 3:30 am to India. The kids did surprisingly well given the circumstances and after only a few small tantrums, we were out the door, on time, for the 15 minutes walk to the airport. We said goodbye to Thailand and headed for India. We arrived in Delhi, after a sleepy flight, at 6:30 am India time and waited 6 hours before our next flight, but the layover was a perfect opportunity to grab some breakfast, get our phones situated with the new SIM cards, and have plenty of time to go back through security and get to our gate.

Security in Delhi was quite interesting. There is no actual system in place to orderly get folks through security (or maybe the no organization was the organization–but either way, looking back this seems to be the way here). As you walked up to the baggage scanner people started to put their luggage through, but not in a single file line like back in the States, but rather from different lines and everyone pushing their stuff through. What’s even crazier is that once you dealt with the no-line baggage scanner situation, you then had to face the no-line security check! But we made it through and headed for our gate to board our next flight to Pantnagar. The kids were thrilled to find out that our next flight was on a propeller plane. Here are a few pictures from our day so far.

Delhi Airport Customs—I didn’t even notice the hands until Jeff showed me the pictures later.
Our propeller plane from Delhi to Pantnagar

Clifton arranged for a car to pick us up at the airport for the hour drive to The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission (aka: GSAM or The Farm) and our driver was there patiently waiting for us. We climbed into his car and began the hour drive. Now this is my previous reference about how I should have read the scripture passage in the morning rather than the evening. In hindsight the airport was a good indication of life here in India, managed chaos! We got in the car, Jeff in the front passenger seat and the kids and I in the back (I sat in the middle with David to my left and the girls to my right sharing a seatbelt). This drive was way more than I expected. If you would like to watch a short video of our drive, check out my Instagram page

I have never been on a road with so many people driving and driving so crazy, but we made it safely to The Good Shepherd Agricultural thanks to our drivers impeccable skills. I may have been a bit scared at times, but he knew what he was doing and he was very good at it.

We were greeted with a warm welcoming crew of staff and children. Our kids instantly found friends and were off running and playing while we got an abbreviated tour of the grounds and our room, followed by tea time and then dinner. We are completely exhausted and we crashed really early.


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