Tuesday November 13, 2018

Luke 3:10-11 What should we do then?” the crowd asked. John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”

Jesus asks us to care for our fellow brothers and sisters in this world and this scripture speaks to just that. I may not have a lot to give at this time, but what I can give is myself and whatever skills others may find useful. In Germany, Jeff worked on a wall that saved the church a significant amount of money in repairs while I helped out at the elementary school, doing my best to use my social work skills helping special needs children who only speak German. Here in the northern rural part of Thailand they need native English speakers to teach and expose children to the language so they have a better chance at attending university. Even if it is not monetary or tangible, it is still our way to caring for our fellow brothers and sisters. Not everyone can or needs to do what we have done, but this works for us. Maybe your way of sharing what you have is at work by providing a comforting conversation to a colleague who needs a friend, maybe it is helping at the local food pantry or shelter, or volunteering at a school, a church or a nursing home, the list is endless. But the point is giving or sharing yourself with those who need it. Most of us can’t make a big difference in this world, but if we all share a small piece of ourselves, together we can make a great impact and truly change our world. I think the biggest piece of this comes in the form of sharing what we have been given with others–whether this is monetary, tangible, or just our time, these small acts combined with the small acts of others is how we make a change. 

Okay off my soapbox, today was such a fun day of teaching. I am so glad that we are here for 2 months because it is incredible how different the kids at the school are now compared to when we first got here. It seemed to take about 3 weeks or so before they warmed up to us, but now the kids are engaging, talking and singing along with us; it is so much fun. It is not just the kids we are teaching that have warmed up either, our kids are actively participating in teaching these kids, leading songs, and sitting next to kids to encourage them to sing and talk. It is such a blessing to see our kids giving so much of themselves in this process. Now there have definitely been some challenging days. I think we all are getting pretty tired and are ready for the break that will be coming as we change over to the work in India. All of the kids at one point (or maybe even several) have said that they don’t want to teach today, but once they get into the classroom they end up loving it and even tell us afterwards that they were happy they went. They really do seem to enjoy it and I am so happy because we are too!

Another riveting game of ‘telephone’ with the kids.

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