Thursday November 8, 2018

Proverbs 1:8-9 Hear, my child, your father’s instruction, and do not reject your mother’s teaching; for they are a fair garland for your head, and pendants for your neck.

The English Camp yesterday was so much fun, but today we headed to the temple to teach the monks English. When we arrived we found out that we would have two classes of monks to teach in the morning and then we are done for the day. We will then have 3 classes tomorrow.

Teaching today went very well for the first class, because they were engaged, talking, and paying attention. However, during the second class I had about 4-5 kids that were actually paying attention and trying to learn, but the rest of the class were on their phones or talking over me. Jeff ended up taking over for me for a portion of the class and he actually scolded the kids a bit. I get the impression that the kids here are not that different from the kids back in the states in so far as there are kids that want to learn and those that don’t seem to care one way or the other. When we got home today, Wat called the temple and then informed us that tomorrow will be our last day at the temple and that we will be teaching at both the schools from now on Monday through Friday. While we were happy to teach at the school, the kids at the school seem to be much more engaged in the lessons and actually wanting to learn.

The kids all did a great job working on their school work today and they actually all got their work done–this was the first time ever! It was amazing. We did school work until about 2:15 and then all the kids were done. It was wonderful. We went for a walk and just relaxed the rest of the afternoon. Today seemed like our kids finally listened and/or understood what we have been telling them about their schoolwork. They were so excited to be done so early and were a bit shocked. Jeff and I took the opportunity to share with them that when they actually get to work and focus, they can finish the work a lot faster than they have been. I am so relieved and I hope that the treats that we got for them tonight and being done so early was enough for this to continue. I am so tired of fighting over schoolwork with them!


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