Sunday November 4, 2018

Exodus 15:13 “In your steadfast love you led the people whom you redeemed; you guided them by your strength to your holy abode.

I need to memorize this passage. I say a similar prayer for my children every day. Please Lord help me to lead them to you, help me show them Your ways, and help me to be lead them by example. I wish nothing more for my children then to have a never ending faith in the Lord and His ways, and to know that He will always be with them. I try to remind myself of this everyday and I try to remind my children of this same thing, but it does not always seem to sink in with the kids (probably because they only hear a portion of what I am saying and ignore the rest!).

Upon waking up this morning we walked down to the coffee shop again, but this time with the kids to get them some breakfast, which included French Toast and milkshakes! They really seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards we walked to the Nan River and the kids played at the (very old) playground, but they loved it! These are the kind of days that I cherish. The kids played together and we all seemed to enjoy each other’s company. We even got to do a FaceTime with my mom, and despite Lucia’s princess attitude, we all seemed to enjoy the day. I even got a yoga workout in before dinner! I really wish I would make my yoga practice a priority, but I have a hard time setting aside the kids’ schooling and preparing for teaching. I have a difficult time putting myself ahead of my kids. I am so grateful for this day and for the places the Lord has led us thus far. I am also very excited to see where He leads us tomorrow and going forward.

This evening Jeff and I sat in our room preparing for the English Camp that we will lead on Wednesday at the Preschool. We have decided to play a game of Cranium for which Jeff will create the questions. We will also sing some songs. The parents/families of the children will also be there and we have a painting and cooking project that Rinya has arranged, which I will be leading. We are both really excited for this opportunity and I think it will be a lot of fun.

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