Tuesday October 30, 2018

2 Thessalonians 3:16 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways. The Lord be with all of you.

School went pretty well this morning for our kids and when we started teaching all three kids were actually engaged and helping at both schools. We also seem to have had a breakthrough with one of our preschool classes that rarely spoke or engaged at all; today they were laughing, talking, and totally engaged. It was a really fun day and it was awesome to see these kids come out of their shell and participate.

The program that arranged this station for us is called Volunthai and you can sign up for as little as a month. We chose 2 months and I am so glad we did. It would make me so sad to have to leave these kids so quickly after they started to engage, but we have another month with them. Don’t get me wrong, if you only have a month to give, that is wonderful and still an amazing opportunity to teach these children. We only had one class that was so shy, whereas the rest of the classes were much more engaged from the beginning, so one month is definitely better than nothing, I am just glad that we have more time here.

It is also neat to watch our children open up too, which is another benefit to staying for 2 months. They are becoming more engaged with the younger kids and, with a little encouragement (maybe even some pushing), they are also starting to engage more with the primary school students.

But the honeymoon of the vacation is now over for our girls and we have emotions running very high. I really just want to them to find some peace with each other; it is so hard to watch them constantly at each other. Lucia has been very difficult to manage because of the overwhelming amount of attention she receives from the Thai people around us. She has found her place in the center of “their” world, but in the process has lost all sense of humility. She also is failing to see that she is not at the center of this family and is no more important that any of the rest of us. This is very difficult to manage because the attention continues every day and there is no getting ahead of it. In one respect it is wonderful to see her so engaged with the people around her that, for the most part, don’t speak her language, but the constant attention has made her a bit too big for her britches. This is thus causing a rift between she and Anjali because Anjali is lacking any patience for her little sister. Anjali’s emotions are all over the place, but she doesn’t even realize it until it is too late. I am sure this too will pass, as all parenting difficulties do, but this has been exhausting to manage.

I have memorized this scripture and I am going to try to remind myself, and all of us, of it when things get difficult, stressful, frustrating, etc. God is always there for us and He will grant us the peace and comfort that we need wherever we are.


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