Tuesday October 16, 2018

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

First day teaching went really fast, but was a ton of fun. Our driver picked us up at 9:30 am and drove us to the first school. Our kids really loved playing with the younger kids, which is where we were this morning. It was perfect. We started with the 3-4 year olds and sang songs and played games. Then moved on to 4 other classes with kids aged between 4-6. My children were totally engaged and loved singing the songs with little ones and seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

Here are some pictures of the school.

We were then fed a wonderful traditional Thai lunch and then driven to the primary school where we would be teaching kids that ranged from 7-12 years old. I think our kids started to get tired by the end of the day. We were starting to hear whining and complaining from all three of them and they really did not seem to engage with the this older group of kids. But all in all it was a fun afternoon. We ended our time with the primary school kids by playing a fun old school game from when Jeff and I were kids, Red Rover. It was super hot outside, but the kids absolutely loved playing this game. They were all laughing and having a great time.


We did learn a few things after this first day of teaching. We learned that the little kids (3-6) we will be singing songs and playing games and the older kids we will need to take several breaks during our 2 hours session.

David is doing so much better and the antibiotics seem to be working!!! This is such a huge relief. He is on day 4 of his 5 day cycle of antibiotics. We actually all seem to be on the mend, though still not 100%.

After arriving home we were planning on making our Mexican dinner, but we didn’t have the lard needed to make the homemade tortillas, so we postponed to tomorrow night. Thankfully Nana agreed to go with Jeff and I to the evening market to get some food for dinner. It ended up being a wonderful dinner that included some chicken poppers, waffles, spring rolls, and meatballs, and a coconut smoothie for me! This will not be the last time we do this. It was so much fun to walk down to the temple and pick out dinner from all of the vendors. Dinner was amazing.


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