Thursday October 11, 2018

1 Chronicles 16:11 “Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his presence continually.”

Today was a rough day, actually, it has been quite challenging since we got to Thailand. But today Jeff was completely bedridden with some nasty stomach bug. Lucia was also affected by this too. The silver lining was that David was actually feeling better today. His hives seem to be going away and the medicine seems to really be working. This was the first day that he felt up to going out and to go to the temple to teach, but Jeff was bedridden and I needed to stay home and help with Lucia. Thankfully we brought some antibiotics with us from the states to help with their stomach issues, so both Lucia and Jeff started their antibiotics and hopefully will be feeling better tomorrow. We literally just sat around today. David, Anjali and I just hung out and watched movies. By the end of the day, Lucia was feeling better, but Jeff was still miserable.

We definitely relied on the Lord’s strength today. There have been a lot of challenges the last two weeks of this journey, between having to change travel plans, leaving electronics behind, epic tantrums and fighting between our girls, illness that seems to be lingering, etc., but that doesn’t change our resolve to continue on our path to serve others just as God has called us. And we are still all safe and happy here in our new home for the next two months.

This scripture passage is just what I needed to read today. When things seem to be getting really difficult, it reminds me that all we really need to do is put our troubles into His hands and have the continued faith and trust that He will resolve all this in His time.


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