Saturday October 20, 2018

Proverbs 11:28 Those who trust in their riches will wither, but the righteous will flourish like green leaves.

I am not sure where to begin to describe today. We woke up with no real plan for today, and then Wat said that we are going into Nan for lunch to see two temples, and to Big C Supermarket for a few items. This worked out perfect for us because we wanted to go shopping for the kids to get them all a new toy. Jeff and I decided that we wanted the kids to all have a new toy or something that they could enjoy/play with during our time here. They have sacrificed so much on this trip by giving up their friends and belongings for this year, and we wanted to do something to let them know how much we appreciated all their efforts. Additionally, attitudes have been significantly better the last two days, and we wanted to reward them for it.

So we took off and headed to Nan where we had lunch at KFC. We grabbed a few things at the Big C and then ran a few errands that Wat needed to do. Then we headed off to the first temple, Wat Phra That Chea Haeng.

Another quick errand and we found ourselves on another drive north to a mountain temple called Wat Kong. This place is beautiful, but busy.

We made our way back to Nan for a quick bite of pizza for the kids and then off to home. It was a full day, but very nice. The kids were very tired at the end of the day, but something really amazing happen.

After putting the kids to bed, Jeff heard crying coming from their room and he was told that Anjali was asleep but because she had crept over to Lucia’s side of the bed (they are now forced to share a bed until they can learn to get along) Lucia pinched (or kicked/hit we are not sure) Anjali. Anjali started crying and because the kids had been warned when we put them to bed, Lucia was now destined for the couch. This did not make her happy so she was crying that she was going to eaten by mosquitoes. ( I will preface this by saying that we would not do this to her, but she didn’t know this.) So she was on the couch crying, telling us that she would go straight to bed and not bother Anjali again tonight, to which we replied that it was too late for that—she was sleeping on the couch. About 10 minutes or so into this Anjali comes in to my room (Jeff is now watching the Michigan football game downstairs) and says that she may have overreacted and she does not want Lucia to get punished by sleeping on the couch. She said that she is worried about her and wants her back in the room and in bed with her. My response was (very calmly and matter-of-factory) if you want her back in the room, then you have to ask her to come back inside the room. I will tell you that inside I was doing somersaults and jumping up and down because they actually showed some caring feelings for each other. It was beautiful and we never heard another sound from them.


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