Wednesday October 3, 2018

John 1:14 “And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth.”

We landed in Bangkok completely exhausted as adults, so you can only imagine how the children were Once we landed. I think each of them slept maybe 5-6 hours. Needless to say we then had to deal with just a few tantrums from the girls, again David was such a trooper, just going with the flow. We still had to figure out immigration. We knew that we were automatically granted 30 days in Thailand, but we needed to extend this to 60, and things are not quite as easy to figure out when everything is in Thai and while things are still in English, it is a bit difficult to navigate. But after a few wrong turns, some unnecessary filling of paperwork, and the feeling of being completely lost, we were given an escort by a very kind gentleman directly to the immigration desk. We got our passports stamped for our 30 days and off we went to collect our luggage. We also did a quick change of clothes, as it was about 20 degrees warmer here than in Germany. Our original plan was to go straight to the immigration office and get our Visas extended right then, but our kids were exhausted and there was no way they were going to sit at an immigration office for any length of time. So we got a ride to the hotel, checked in, got some food, and relaxed.

I will say, the ride from the airport to the hotel was quite interesting. First of all, there are so many motorcycles and mopeds it is mind-blowing, and how they weave in and out of traffic is terrifying for me, as someone coming from the USA where that is not commonplace. Additionally, I feel like the lane lines on the road are just suggestions of where to be, as the shoulders of the freeway seemed to be their own lanes entirely. This is going to take some getting used to, but I will say that even though it may seem really crazy and dangerous, folks here just know how to drive this way and for the most part traffic just seems to move smoothly with no real problem. No one seems to get upset when they get cut off (probably because it happens about every 5 seconds!), but it is a nice change to a place like Chicago where everyone is honking and yelling at each other as they drive.

We also watched David’s forehead, scalp, and neck get more and more red and blotchy today. We are still trying to figure out what it is, but he has no other symptoms.

We met up with Wow, our volunteer coordinator, for dinner. We will be staying with her father during our time teaching here in Thailand. She is very sweet and was very helpful with some cultural tips and information. It was a great opportunity to learn a little more about the Thai culture from someone directly, rather than just from books and articles.

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