Tuesday October 2, 2018

2 Timothy 1:14 By the Holy Spirit who dwells within us, guard the good deposit entrusted to you.

This morning we got up and walked over to the cathedral to see the inside of it. Incredible doesn’t even come close to describing this place. It literally took my breath away as we walked inside. I have seen the Notre Dame in Paris and may other churches throughout Europe, but I have never seen anything like this. I am not sure what was so different about this church, but my heart just became so filled joy and peace. I don’t know if I have ever felt such a strong presence of the Holy Spirit. I was able to download an app on my IPhone that took us on a spiritual tour of the cathedral, so maybe that was part of it. But whatever it was, it was amazing. About 15 minutes after entering the cathedral I sat down in one of the pews and just took in the cathedral for all that it was. I couldn’t move my body and I felt so overwhelmed with joy and peace and grace that I wanted to cry. Thankfully, my children were being very well behaved, so I am sure that helped the situation quite a bit! As we walked around this place dedicated to the Lord, I felt a reinvigoration for the calling He has given to us. I was never doubting it or anything, but I just felt a renewed purpose and focus. This was the perfect ending to our Germany station.

Here are some pictures around and inside the Cathedral.

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After a 20 minute walk in the rain to the train station, we hopped on our train to the airport to catch our plane to Bangkok. This was going to be interesting and we sure were going to need God’s help on this almost 11 hour flight with three kids. But they all did great and there are only two things that were quite out of the ordinary for this flight.

The first was during the boarding process. Now being that we have three children and we all have carry-on luggage, we tend to wait towards the end of the boarding process in hopes that we don’t hold people up too much as we get situated as a family. We do this as a way to be respectful and kind to others, though I guess not everyone sees it that way. As we filed down the aisle of the airplane as a family and I get the kids to file into our seats (we are all in one row, 4 in the middle and one seat across the aisle), I quickly started putting the few pieces of luggage overhead when a man behind me piped off that I needed to hurry up and that I wasn’t the only one on the plane. I turned and as politely as I could, said that I would only be a moment and that I was doing the best I could to be quick seeing that I have three children to also help. Now this answer didn’t seem to make him any less rude, and he continued to basically scold and yell at me to the point of even telling me to be quiet and stop talking. Now my husband is standing between myself and this man and is not too pleased about all of this (that’s a bit of an understatement). Also, the gentleman behind him was trying to calm him down saying that it was clear that I was almost done and that I hadn’t actually taken that much time. All in all, I stashed my last bag and stepped out of the way so this impatient person could carry on his way. I am very grateful that Jeff didn’t respond the way that I know he wanted to because I don’t think we would have left Germany! I also took this moment to teach my children about the way we are told to treat others. All three children noticed how rude this man was to me and all three of them apologized that it happened (though they did nothing wrong). But I was very quick to point out that even though this man was extremely rude to me, I still treated him with respect and did not treat him the way he treated me, I treated him the way I wanted to be treated, which was respectfully. Thankfully that was the last time we had to interact with this person and it was an otherwise good flight. I can only pray that he finds peace.

The second thing is that David started itching his forehead, scalp, and back of his neck about mid-way during this flight. I checked him over quite well (because the first thing that came to mind was lice), but there was nothing there, though he was starting to get red where he was itching.


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