Wednesday September 26, 2018

Psalm 146:5-9 Great is our Lord, and abundant in power, his understanding is beyond measure. The Lord lifts up the humble; he casts the wicked to the ground. Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; make melody to our God on the lyre! He covers the heavens with clouds; he prepares rain for the earth; he makes grass grow on the hills. He gives to the beasts their food and to the young ravens that cry.

Our kids are still struggling with the concept of homeschooling, though they seem to be accepting it a bit more and I am learning how much they can get done in the time that they are needing to spend doing school work. We are navigating this process together. The biggest difficulty here is that they are still attending school, but they are not learning much, as far as their core classes go, though they are learning more than any classroom can teach.

They are learning how necessary it is to be patient with others, they are learning humility and how to rely on others, they are learning a different culture and language, all by just attending school and spending the day with the children of Schönebeck. My prayer every day is for my children to take passages like this one to heart and to truly live it out daily; to understand and believe that God is always there for us and that He will always provide for our needs, we just have to have faith that He knows are needs, and often better than we do. This is not an easy road to walk. It is scary and the path is often unknown, we just have to put one foot in front of the other, head in the direction He guides, and have faith that He knows us better than we know ourselves.


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