Tuesday September 18, 2018

Isaiah 38:16-17 O Lord, by these things men live, and in all these is the life of my spirit. Oh restore me to health and make me live! Behold, it was for my welfare that I had great bitterness; but in love you have delivered my life from the pit of destruction, for you have cast all my sins behind your back.

Today was pretty routine, though it is pretty crazy that we can have a routine after only 1 ½ months of being here. Also, I have started to think about how much change in routine we are going to be having over the next year. Here we have already gotten settled into a routine, but that routine will be uprooted again in about 2 weeks when we leave for Thailand. There is part of me that has to remind myself that this is God’s plan and that he will always provide for us, especially during these times of change. But even with all this change that we have already had and that we will continue to face, I have never felt so alive! I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and am where I am supposed to be. The Lord will continue to care for us and guide us on this path. We just need to trust in Him and His ways.

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