Monday September 17, 2018

Luke 1:38 And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.

Today was a difficult day. Lucia was sick all night with Croup. She coughed all night and subsequently stayed home from school because she was exhausted. However, this sparked Anjali’s “need” to stay home too. So both girls stayed home, which meant that Jeff stayed home too. Though I guess by noon, neither girl actually needed to stay home.

Today also marked the “official” start of homeschooling for our kids, not much work (an hour or so a day) but we need to get them into the routine and habit of doing work for us. Our plan for the rest of our time in Germany is 1 hour of school work per day; however today did not go according to plan and we had tantrums from two kids about doing the work, saying it was too much or they didn’t want to do because they already did school. Sigh…..well after what had to have been 3 hours, we finally finished what should’ve taken 1 hour, at most.

We had a conversation with the kids about the necessity of doing things without a fit because the tantrums only waste time and are going to hinder our ability to do the fun stuff over this next year. We have a great opportunity to do fun things in new places, but the fun will always come after the work. This is new and will take some getting used to.

On a side note, Johannes also gave us passes to a concert by the Gregorian Chants, which I was super excited about seeing. Unfortunately, the kids were not being very cooperative, so I sent Jeff because he was very frustrated with the kids. I stayed back, but was able to see the second half of the show, which included cover songs—not what I was expecting. However, Jeff commented that the first half of the concert was all in Latin and was beautiful. At least he got to enjoy it. I think he really needed this break and chance to hit the reset button.

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