Thursday September 6, 2018

Romans 12:18 If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.

Today after the kids got out of school we all headed down to the train station bound for Magdeburg to look for new luggage for Anjali and David. So we headed out for the Allee Center (basically a large shopping mall). After about an hour of walking around, we finally found a store that had just what we wanted…large, rolling, backpacks, that were still small enough to fit under the seats of the airplane. They were a bit expensive, but we are confident that they will pay off in the end. While walking through the mall we happened upon rain jackets for the kids that we decided would also be a good investment, especially being that we were headed to Thailand and will be there during the end of their rainy season.

We were pretty efficient in Magdeburg, so we decided to head back home. Once we got off the train in Schönebeck we got a text from Johannes asking us to meet with the church “presbyters” tonight. So we got home and quickly dropped off our new purchases, the kids headed out to the trampoline and Jeff and I met with Johannes and several members of the church. Jeff and I talked a bit about our journey, this calling, what we were doing about our children’s education (in Germany homeschooling is illegal), and how we all were enjoying Germany. Jeff and I were blown away by the generosity of this church family, not only have they allowed us to stay in this beautiful apartment, but here they were asking if they were doing enough. We were totally taken aback, we were the ones who wanted to ask that question…they have done so much for us and we wanted to know if there was any other way we could help. We are so grateful for the opportunities this church family has provided us, as well as how incredibly welcomed and cared for we have felt. They have given more than we ever could have imagined, and yet here they were asking if we needed anything else! This community is comprised of some of the generous, gracious, and giving people I have ever met and I am so thankful for the opportunity they have provided my family.

Susi was a part of this group and we left before their meeting was over, but Susi came up to our apartment when she was done. We had a glass or two of wine and enjoyed some wonederful conversation, as always. I will never get tired of spending time with these people. They have brightened my life and I will cherish these memories forever, and hope and pray that we get another chance to be together again after we leave.


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