Wednesday August 8, 2018

Hebrews 13:14 For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.

Today the kids and I asked to go to the Carl Hermann Gymnasium, which will be Anjali’s school. We met with her English teacher, Kirstin Ludeke. She was so nice and we had no problem at all getting Anjali set up and ready to start school. We are trying to get everyone ready for the start of school tomorrow. Making sure backpacks are ready and purchasing new water bottles (since David and Lucia lost theirs). This passage seems quite fitting given our current circumstance. We left our home in Madison just over two weeks ago and since then, we have been to Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; London, England; Berlin, Germany; and now Schönebeck, Germany—and that’s just from traveling. We have actually been to several other cities to visit during our stay here thus far! But this brings me back to the passage, “for here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come”. Out time here on Earth is just a glimpse of time, it is a preparation for the eternal life with God. If we choose to, we can make each of our stops home, because the only true home is our home with our family and with God—and that can be wherever we are presently.

Tonight Birgit and Johannes came over to give both Anjali and David a schultuete, which is a German tradition for all first year students. And while Anjali and David are not first year students, they are first year students here in Germany! This is such a neat tradition. These decorative cones were stuffed with some basic school supplies and tons of treats and snacks for the kids. They were so excited!

Now to get the kids in bed early to start school tomorrow (actually only David and Anjali start tomorrow), but Lucia still has to be up and ready so we can get everyone off to school on time. Anjali has to be out of the door by 6:50 am and David has to be to school by 7:15 am. This is very early for our family and what our children are used to back in Madison, WI.

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