Sunday August 12, 2018

Acts 1:8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

This morning we took a 45 minute walk to St. Johannis Kirche for service this morning. This church was built the early 1500’s during the classical baroque period. This church was absolutely breathtaking with a stunning alter done in gold and ornate designs. The organ in this church was amazing. While four of us enjoyed the service, which we didn’t understand, Lucia decided to take a nap on Jeff’s lap. After the service ended we walk around the corner to Susi and René’s house for some coffee and cakes. I have really enjoyed their friendship and already know that I am going to miss them greatly. We discussed some plans and basically filled up our weekends with them for the remainder of our stay here in Germany (I just can’t believe how fast time is moving).


On a totally different note, Anjali’s best friend Nadia will be vacationing in Paris beginning next Saturday. Since we arrived in Germany I have been keeping an eye on flights to Paris so that we can get Anjali there to visit Nadia but the flights have been so expensive. After recently checking, the flights seem to be reducing in price quite a bit. So I have been working with Suzanne to see if the family is okay with Anjali and I crashing a portion of their family vacations so that Anjali and Nadia can see each other. We shall see if this actually works out, but as of now Anjali does not know any of this.

Tonight we went out to dinner with Susi, René, and Emma to a place that served pizza and Lebanese food. It was so much fun and very good food. The kids played rock, paper, scissors with Emma and also played on the very small playground they had outside. It was a really fun evening.

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