Wednesday August 1, 2018

Acts 6:4 But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.

The day started with a beautiful double rainbow just outside the church. Jeff also went to Frohse with Johannes to help move some things. We did some more walking through Schönebeck and found a wine store where we could buy some really good wine for not that much money. It is incredible how inexpensive wine and beer is here in Germany (not as much Berlin, but definitely here in Schönebeck). The kids seem to enjoy walking around the town to see everything and don’t even seem to mind the walk to get groceries, though there is usually a bit of complaining on the way home as we all are carrying a bag of groceries! Another exciting moment for the day was that Lucia is now a bike rider!!! Thankfully, Johannes was able to find a bike to fit Lucia that didn’t have training wheels and Jeff has worked with her over the past week and today she did it; she rode her bike, not entirely by herself, but it’s a start. What a blessing! She needs a bit more practice, but hopefully soon we will be able to take some family bike rides so we can see so much more of this area.

Tonight Johannes and Birgit invited us to some wine on the patio with a “special guest”. We put the kids to bed and headed over to their house (it is a long 2 min walk across the church yard). I arrived first and Jeff arrived shortly thereafter, as he was finishing putting the kids to bed and making sure they were asleep. We were so excited to find out that Susanne and René were to join us. Susanne has been translating the emails between Johannes and myself for the past month and I have been emailing directly with Susanne any questions we had prior to leaving the states. Her help up to this point has been invaluable. Now that we have met them we feel even more blessed to say that they will become very good friends. It was such a wonderful evening of conversation, laughter, and fun.


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