Sunday July 29, 2018

Hebrews 13:2 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


Today’s were shown this passage in action. We are the strangers and the wonderful people of Schönebeck are showing us hospitality beyond what could ever have been expected. For me this has been a great lesson in humility, I have to accept that I am the stranger in this town and I need to lean on and count on the wonderful people that have surrounded us. Johannes and Birgit have been beyond amazing as they have helped us navigate the town and the surrounding areas. My struggle right now, as is Jeff’s, is that we have not been much help to the church up to this point. Johannes keeps saying “next week” when we ask him about work. And looking back he knew what we needed, which was to rest before starting our work here. Things here just seem to move slowly, which is quite a change from the speedy life in the US. We need to adjust to this different pace. The church here is breath-taking and Johannes has managed to find us all some bikes to use during our stay here, which has made getting around town much easier. While we are not the ones able to show hospitality on a large scale, we are doing the best we can to reciprocate the hospitality shown to us. We attended church today and got to meet some of the wonderful people in this congregation who have been so welcoming and hospitable to our family. We were also able to talk with some of them after the service during a fellowship coffee hour. Later in the afternoon, Johannes and Birgit (his wife) invited us to join them at a nearby lake to combat the excessive heat and for the best ice cream (eis) in a small town called Gommern. We had so much fun and the kids don’t seem bothered by the language barrier at all, especially Lucia, who has taken to Johannes like an Opa. We all played in the refreshing lake for a while, then we all took a short walk to watch tower (wachturm) to overlook the lake and the small town, and ended with a walk around the lake to see rocks from the Ice Age. Here are some pictures:








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