Monday July 23, 2018

Isaiah 6:8  And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”

A few days ago, we left our home in Madison of 7 years, our friends, our jobs, etc to follow that voice that said, “whom shall I send” and we responded just as Isaiah did, or at least we tried to. This endeavor came from the Lord. This is his plan, not ours. I can see that the biggest challenge for us during this year is to remember this. We are not in control on this journey, He is. God will get us where He wants us and our job is to follow where He sends. We have already had several mishaps just to get started, but again His plan has always taken care of us and while it may seem terrible at the time, He always has our back! When we were leaving Madison, we had planned on leaving by 1 pm, but the multitude of tasks, packing, and cleaning that still needed to be done had us not leaving until 5 pm. The problem with this was that rain was in the forecast for the afternoon, which is why we had intended on leaving in the morning. (It is important to note that all of our belongings, including our bags for the next year and a very nice leather chair we were storing at our friends house, were in the back of the truck, just waiting to get soaked by the rain that was forecasted for that afternoon.) On our drive up, we decided to give it over to God and put our fate in His hands (the alternative was staying in Madison another night)—and of course, He did. It rained in Fond Du Lac (our destination) all day until about 20 minutes before we arrived. This is His journey for us to follow. He will always be there to lead the way, we just have to go along with it and have faith that He will provide, as He always has.

Our trip to the airport in Chicago was rather uneventful. We checked in our luggage, made it through security in record time, only to find out that our flight was delayed, at first by 45 minutes, then by another 45 minutes, and then by another 30. So we did our best to maintain the perspective we all had agreed upon at the start of this journey, to laugh at the challenges we faced throughout this next year. If we could find the humor in the difficult situations and give the outcome over to God, there would be nothing that we wouldn’t be able to overcome during this year.

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